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Interview with Puggin' Head!!!!


This episode we interview the awesome Puggin' Head!  Make sure to try and follow everything we talk about and you should definitely follow them on youtubetwitter, facebook and tumblr


We also talk briefly about The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and the direction of the Marvel universe....and, as you guessed it, we're not too optimistic.


Thanks to Robert Godinez for use of The Young Maths music and to The Kung Fu Monkeys for use of their music, as well!!!

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It's the end of the year!!


So let's talk movies!!


This episode we talk about idiot C4 throwers in Black Ops 2, give another installment of the Origins of Sayings segment we hadn't done in a while and then proceed to talk about the following movies:

The Hobbit - The Battle of the Five Armies

Captain America - Winter Soldier

Guardians of the Galaxy

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

and VHS


Listen to us love on and (more than likely) hate on the movies mentioned.


Thanks to the Kung Fu Monkeys for use of theie music...IT's AWESOME!

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YAY!  Another episode!  


This episode is, practically, all about the Sony hacked/leaked emails....


We rant pretty hard on Adam Sandler, Kevin Hart and Melissa McCarthy.  (well Mando does, actually) To tell you the truth we rant pretty hard about a lot of stuff in this one (MiB/Jump St crossover, Ghostbusters reboot, Spiderman stuff, etc.) - so this should be a good one.


Thanks to Robert and the Kung Fu Monkeys for the use of their joyous sounds!!

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and now let's see for how long...


Well, in this episode we talk about the trailer for Jurassic World (while watching it...), how mando is not gonna see the new Star Wars trailer and how much rejo loves Paul Blart!! 


We go over DC TV shows I am currently watching (mando) and how rejo doesn't dig them too much - and then we remember that Gotham exists and we proceed to crap on it like the crap it is...


we also pay our respects to a beloved Mexican comedian/actor - Mr Roberto Gomez Bolanos...



thanks to the Kung Fu Monkeys and Robert Godinez for letting us use their music as intro and outro music (respectively)



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This week we cover some things we are expecting from this year's Comic Con.  We thought this was this going to be a short episode, but apparently we don't know how to shut up....


We talk, briefly, about the new movie trailer to one of rejo and mando's most favorite novels structured around making housewives feel naughty.


We also talk about the Destiny Beta that rejo's been playing on PS4.  Along with that, we talk about the rumors that there may be a Last of Us sequel.


We briefly cover Legend of Korra and wonder why the hell Nick is trying to suffocate it; and we try and figure out whether we are or aren't anticipating the new Flash TV show - *spoiler - Mando is pretty happy about it, sort of*

Thanks to The Young Maths and the Kung Fu Monkeys for letting us use their awesome music!!

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This episode we cover a lot of ground in a little bit of time!!


We talk about the sales of Xbox Ones and the apparent sales of Xbox 360s coupled with the new news from Sony!


rejo blasts his way through a two minute review of Horns in one minute


As our episode title indicates, sort of, we talk about Universal's plans to make a joint monster (Monster?) flick a la The Avengers...Justice League...everything else that is now coming out....


We try - ha - to focus on Marvel's recent announcements about changing characters like Thor and Captain America (and possibly Stephen Colbert as Falcon)!


Thanks to the Kung Fu Monkeys for letting us use their music on the podcast!!

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This is a good one folks!!

This episode we interview Jennie Garza, author of the book "Tristen's Small Problem."  She goes over why she decided to write a book and tells us about her Kickstarter project so this book can be made.  Go support her with whatever you can! Here is the link:  Tristen's Small Problem   (as of the recording of this podcast she had 11 days to go on the Kickstarter)


We also talk about Xbox going Kinectless and Youtube buying Twitch.

We rant a bit (well, more than a bit) about Cuaron and a possible "Shining" prequel and then rant some more - this time about David Goyer being a douche.


Thank you to Robert Godinez who has let us use music from the Young Maths (who had their last show not too long ago) and old Yoink! stuff!  Check out some of his new stuff here!

Thank  you Nick Anzaldua for letting us use your music as well!  Check out Surf Ballroom! DO IT!

Also, THANK YOU to James Cahill for letting us use some Kung Fu Monkeys music!  I am a huge fan and this is totally awesome of you to let us use your music.  Check them out and show them some love! The Kung Fu Monkeys!!

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In this episode we cover games that we have been playing - Guacamelee!, CoD Ghosts and Pathfinder


We also cover the announcement of the Star Wars cast for Episode VII, rant about the Justice League movie and give a small Spiderman 2 sort-of review.


Hope you all enjoy our Origin of Sayings information series!!  If you want to know the origin of any common sayings, let us know and we'll do the research for you!!  Facebook us, Tweet at us or email us ( any of your queries!!

Check out these following things we briefly mention

Nuketown Toys and Collectibles

Los Master Plus 


Thanks to Surf Ballroom for the Outro music!!  check the song out here!!


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This episode your GeekHignesses decide to talk about interney and VR headset buyouts.

We also cover the Galax Z Fair - or at least mando's experience at the awesome music festival.  

Oh and check us out on the YouTube(s)!!

There is a new GeekSnobs website so go check it out if you'd, just go check it out either way.

Thank you Young Maths for letting us use your music for our outro...sad that this incarnation of the band will no longer be, but very happy that you all existed.  Thank you.

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Episode 29

The Hacky Christmas episode

Ending the year right, with a music review of music that mattered to us this past year.

Here's a link to the Hacky Christmas Page

Enjoy and let us know what's up!

Also, we have some stickers if you would like a couple, send us your information and we'll get them out to you!

Thanks to Sam & Eddie for all the help figuring out the new audio equipment used.  

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Episode 28

The Big Shabang and Droppings episode

Ringing in the New Year (albeit a month late) this episode we talk about different things (things we don't usually talk about) and things we can't seem to shut up about.

Here's a link to the Hunger Games people sucking at sending condolences

This is the NPR link that has the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate, it's pretty darn cool, give it a looksie/hearsie (?)...anyways here it is

Also, of course, more Superman/Batman movie info 

Enjoy and let us know what's up!

Also, we have some stickers if you would like a couple, send us your information and we'll get them out to you!

Thanks to Psycho 78 for the use of the outro music.  song: Punk Rock Gremlins

video by:  Oscar & Rachel Garza (5 Meats Entertainment)

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Episode 27

So, this episode we just go off on a couple of things that annoy us.

One is this - the Sinnister Six movie, really Sony?

And this that really gets my goat - the remake of the Naked Gun movie 

We go over other stuff and then rejo really talks about his affection for Gal Gadot....unfortunately, it's not positive affection.

Thanks, again, to Robert for the use of our outro music!

and thanks to FreeSFX for the intro and awesome sound effects -

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PS4 Release & Star Wars Game!

In this episode Rejo talks about his sweet, sweet PS4 while I talk about me being the ultimate GeekSnobs champion in the Star Wars game.

We also talk about some Marvel TV shows on Netflix, a live action Legend of Zelda movie that may be interactive - if it's made at all, and some other stuff...enjoy!

Thanks, again, to Robert for the use of our outro music!

and thanks to FreeSFX for the intro and awesome sound effects -

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Torchbearer 2nd run!

In this episode all we play our second run of Torchbearer!

We argue a bit and I try to stab a dog (oh, what fun)

Check this game out at

This episode also runs a little long, but listen, because - why not?

Thanks, again, to Robert for the use of our outro music!

and thanks to FreeSFX for the intro and awesome sound effects -

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In this episode all we do is play our first run of Torchbearer!  We have fun learning the rules and trying to beat up some rats.

Check them out at

This episode runs a little long, but if you're a fan of rpgs I think you'll enjoy it.

Thanks, again, to Robert for the use of our outro music!

and thanks to FreeSFX for the intro and awesome sound effects -

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  and stuff

This week we cover the series premeire of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!!  

We also cover a new movie I'm excited about!! (me, mando, not rejo)

We also talk about the stupidity that is the Violent Video Games registry...idiots

and we also go on other usual

Thanks, again, to Robert for the use of our outro music!

and thanks to FreeSFX for the intro and awesome sound effects -

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Episode 23

Anti Hollywood News + Jan Michael Vincent

This episode we cover a lot of crazy thoughts, but we do get in some cool

this freakiness & how it's awesome (and makes us feel old) that X-Files is celebrating it's 20th anniversary!

We also talked abou this worthy project called Cadaver Bone

Then we kinda just rant about GoT actor changes and Airwolf!

Thanks, again, to Robert for the use of our outro music!

and thanks to FreeSFX for the intro and awesome sound effects -

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With the recent patch 1.03 being released for this game, including a new multiplayer mode, I thought I'd give my two cents on something that I didn't cover in my review a couple months ago.

When released, the multiplayer portion of The Last of Us had two game modes: Supply Raid and Survivors. Supply Raid is a basic Team Deathmatch game with wave respawning, though this is spiced up with the supplies aspect that serves as the function of the game. (More on this later.) Survivors is a round-based, no-respawn version of this.

As these modes are both centered on killing the other team, it would get old fairly quickly. However, the aforementioned supplies goal adds tension to the matches. In order to rank and track your progress in the game, you choose which of the two factions in the single-player to belong to: Hunters or Fireflies. Within this faction, you have your group of survivors (clan), which grows not so much with how many matches you win, but with how many supplies you gather during them.

How do you get supplies? Simplest is through killing opponents and gathering the supplies they drop. But you can also complete actions that help your team, liking spotting enemies, healing your teammates and craft items whenever you can.

Every match has a supply goal you have to meet in order to grow or maintain your clan. When you don't meet that goal, clan members become sick or injured. This means that any future supplies you receive are used to get those members up to healthy. Anything past that increases your clan size.

This is what has brought me back so often to play The Last of Us. This ephemeral and ultimately pointless metric is so engaging and something far more interesting than K/D ratio. There have been so many times where a round was close to ending and, when glancing down at my inadequate supplies, I suddenly grew worried and rushed forward to grab supplies and hope to craft as much as I could.

Now, with the introduction of Interrogation mode, multiplayer has grown even more interesting. Aside from just surviving on the maps, you have a goal. Every team must protect a safe or lockbox from their opponents. How does the opposing team get to the lockbox? By performing interrogations on enemies. Interrogations are fairly lengthy animations that can be interrupted, most likely with getting injured or killed.

5 interrogations reveals the lockbox, which then must be picked. Again, this leaves time for the players to be interrupted.

I played a couple games the night the patch was released and was astounded by the change of pace and tactics in the game. I think I'll be playing this a lot more over the coming days.

Unfortunately, I was also trying to accomplish a mission, which is a goal that can affect your clan's population. I did not accomplish the minimum necessary and my clan was wiped out. Oh well. Now I can start another clan and focus on Interrogation mode as I try to increase the population! Wish me luck!

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After playing Journey Christmas Day last year, I had made a promise to myself to play more downloadable games during 2013. I have fallen far, far short of that goal. However, having PSPlus has given me oppurtunities to try some games for free. Granted, most of them have been big name titles (Saints Row the Third, I'm looking at you), but one in particular fit the indie developer bill.

 Machinarium is a point and click puzzle game originally developed for the PC platform in 2009 by Amanita Design, a Czech company. It's said that it cost only $1,000 to develop and if so, Machinarium is a great example why a large budget isn't necessary to make a quality game.

I knew very little about Machinarium when starting it, so I was surprised at it's simplicity. Rather than exploring a rich, deep world, you are presented a single illustrated frame through which you move your lone robot back and forth and interact with a few triggers that form the puzzles of the game.

The art of this world is fantastic and unique. It's evocative and interesting, and quite easily recognized as Eastern European. The robots are very simple and cute. In fact, they seem to draw more from older illustrated robots than the smooth and glamorous robots of the past few decades.

The color has a dreary earth tone to it throughout the game, which is matched by the score. This music is an ambient electronic set of tones that lends to the old-school mechanical theme of the game overall.

The puzzles range from the simple to the frustrating. The latter, however, are not detrimental to the game, as I felt as if I had accompished something when I completed them. I would spend long moments staring at the screen, trying to sort out how the visual puzzles. Another was fairly simple, except for it's reversing the expectation of getting it right in order to proceed.

Machinarium is a clever, sweet game that I would recommend to anyone who has 1-2 hours and a desire to experience something special. The PS Vita version is currently free for those with PSPlus subscriptions.

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So with GenCon recently ending, there has been news of rpgs and board games being released soon. Two of them have Rejo excited.

The first is the cooperative card game based in the Pathfinder rpg setting, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords Base Set. The Dice Tower has a favorable review here.

Any fan of Joss Whedon's Firefly show should be interested in the board game, where you play ship captains and their crew competing to gain cash in the 'Verse. Board Game Geek covers it here

Lovecraft-philes may want to cast their eyes on Eldritch Horror, Fantasy Flight Games' take on global horror, found here

And having played an unhealthy amount of Shadowrun 2nd Edition in high school, Rejo was happy to hear it's going strong, with 4th Edition being released.

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News Rant

This episode we rant about news that has been put out recently...sort of

rejo goes over PS4 news, the Marvel universe/multiverse 

I talk about sinkholes, Area 51 and sinkholes

and we both go gaga over Mike Tyson and not so gaga over the new Batman choice.

Thanks, again, to Nick/Surf Ballroom for the use of the outro music!

and thanks to FreeSFX for the intro and awesome sound effects -

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Anniversary Episode

This is our anniversary episode; short and sweet rejo and i reach into the vault for a couple of memories.

we talk about Dinosaurs and Wayne Knight, shirtless Indian boy, the Nerdist, and some other things we could think of....

Hope you enjoy this episode and make sure to listen all the way through!

ALSO, a big shout out to Luke for providing us, time and again, great support and production!

thanks to Rob and ram for also hanging around and giving us backup and support as well!

Hopefully we can keep putting out these things and hopefully people keep downloading them!!

Thanks, again, to Robert for the use of our outro music!

and thanks to FreeSFX for the intro and awesome sound effects -

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Comic Con News

We go over the Xbox One controller recognition reveal (

We also talk about the Superman sequel, which is apparently a Superman/Batman movie

Also talked about us maybe/hopefully going to the Austin Comic Con

Thanks, again, to Robert for the use of our outro music!

and thanks to FreeSFX for the intro and awesome sound effects -

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Man of Steel/Last of Us

This week rejo does a review of The Last of Us

We also talk about our thoughts on the movie Man of Steel, and more importantly how Bill Hader looks like Zod!! (yes, yes, I know his name is Michael Shannon)

Thanks, again, to Robert for the use of our outro music!

and thanks to FreeSFX for the intro and awesome sound effects -

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This episode we cover some of the news that came out of the E3

I go over the Ouya and rejo covers the Xbox backtrack

rejo also talks about a worthy cause the Get Well Gamers Foundation

thanks to Robert for the outro music

and thanks to FreeSFX for the intro and awesome sound effects -

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the Game of Thrones epsiode

Well this is the episode that's been in the works for a while.  This one runs a little long so hope you listen and enjoy...take in pieces if you have to - ha!

Luke is with us again and ram and Robert join us for some GoT talk!

Here's is one of the George R. R. Martin on Conan videos we talk about

Here's the alt ending to Episode 9 we were talking about

Thank you Robert for his rendition of the GoT theme that he made for the outro...totally awesome!

and thanks to FreeSFX for the intro and awesome sound effects -

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Summer Movies!

This episode we cover some movies we've seen and some we can't wait to not see!

rejo goes over a kickstarter project called Harbinger down - please check it out!  and here's a youtube vid of there's.

I go over Feebands, which is a place where you can get vinyl delivered to your door...check it out, seems like an awesome concept!

Thanks to Robert for the outro music!!!

and thanks to FreeSFX for the intro and awesome sound effects -

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Xbox Reveal

This episode we talk about some games we have tried out and the recent Xbox Reveal, of course, about the Xbox One!

the games we yap about - Settlers of Catan


Xbox One

thanks again to Nick Anzaldua/Surf Ballroom for the outro music - Stuck in a Mopar (With the Brownsville Blues)

and thanks to FreeSFX for the intro and awesome sound effects

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Episode ReHash again!

This week cover things we hadn't covered before, but from my brain (mando)

We covered Kickstarter project Torchbearer

Talked about Album Covers  -  what are your thoughts on awesome album covers?!?!

I talk about Austin Comic Con!  See you all there!!!

and we talked about some awesome literal videos, check'em out!

Big Thanks go out to Nick Anzaldua/Surf Ballroom for the outro music!  -  Stuck in a Mopar (with the Brownsville Blues Again) Recorded and Mixed by: Alex Bhore in Waxahachie,TX

awesome audio and sound effects provided by:  (intro stuff)

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This episode we cover some things  that we haven't been able to talk about due to our hiatus.  Hope you enjoy it and we'll be putting these things out pn a more regular basis....hopefully.

Thanks to Robert for the use of Yoink! music (outro music)

awesome audio and sound effects provided by:  (intro stuff)

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So, like any 30something gamer, I grew up on platforming games. I have fond memories of jumping on things and collecting whatever I was told to. But as the consoles developed and expanded in their abilities, I dipped my toes into new genres of gaming and have become distracted. I've played platforming games over the past few years (Jak and Daxter, I love you!), but I don't have a solid grounding in them now. 

   A few years ago, the PSN offered LittleBigPlanet for download. Excited at having a free chance to play a game that I'd heard so much about, I downloaded it and then never touched it. But lo! Realizing that I have an incredible backlog of games to catch up on, I decided to play through LittleBigPlanet and see what all the past fuss was about.

A View of LittleBigPlanet

   I'm sure everyone has heard of how beautiful this game is by now. There's no bit of understatement in saying it is gorgeous. Throughout the game, I felt more like someone filmed an intricate diorama crafted from yarn, cardboard and loving attention from a resourceful and industrious child. 

   The textures are all amazing. There were many times when I would move close to the tv just to examine the slightly frayed fabrics and the carefully creased, bent and cut pieces of materials. 

   To make it even harder to distinguish what is real and what is not, there are occassions where actual photos are used as part of the world. 

   LittleBigPlanet is a wonderfully gorgeous game and while it takes place in a world made from the collective unconscious of humanity. The look of it relies on looking like objects and items found in the real world. In doing this, it succeeds greatly. 

Exploring LittleBigPlanet

   Like with every other platformer, the most important things you can do in playing LBP is run and jump. Beyond that is the player's ability to solve puzzles and time his reactions accordingly. The best thing about LBP is how well it develops the player into having the necessary skills in playing the game. None of the challenges ever felt like they were suddenly pulled from someone's dreams/nightmares, as the basics of solving the puzzle or combatting the boss were introduced one or more levels previously. 

   The only real complaint is how landing on a jump was occassionally difficult to control. There were times when I had to repeatedly play through a segment because my landings would always result with my cute Sackboy (in a Spider-man costume I purchased on the PS Store) overstepping just enough to fall off the edge of a pit of fire, or into a shredder or into poisonous gas. 

   I would hope that this would be corrected for LBP2, especially since it detracted so much from my enjoyment of this otherwise fun game. LBP has solid gameplay, with a mix of basic platforming tropes and inventive physical, almost gymnastic puzzles. It's only failure is the occassional inability for Sackboy to stick his landings.


   Like early platforming games, LittleBigPlanet has a flimsy story. This seems to be intentional, as the premise of the game is exploring a lighthearted dreamscape, but as someone who has embraced the growing ability of video games to tell challenging stories I was hoping for more. Sure, as a game that seems to spring from child-like wonder, challenge might not have to be present. However, very basic rescue missions could have been made more fun with risk. Enforcing this weakness/theme of LBP is the end. After a fun and difficult final boss fight, the game ends with a "Good job! Now go create your own stuff!" 

   This goes well with the intention of the game, as it's supposed to be an amalgamation of every player's imagination, but it felt ineffectual. I felt almost as if I was congratulated for drawing a straight line, then told to go draw a comic book. 

   I wasn't impressed with the bit of story provided to us in LittleBigPlanet, and while I could excuse it, I can't really ignore it. Like with the landings, I hope this is changed in the sequel.

I'm not going to tell fans of platforming games to not play this, as it is a wonderful experience and still filled with fun at nearly every moment of play, but I will warn possible players to NOT go into the game hoping to get something more than the challenge of timing your jumps accurately. LittleBigPlanet is an achievement in graphics, but it's not breaking ground in any other areas.

Grade: A-

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Halloween Special Announcement! 

Game with the GeekSnobs on Oct 30! We'll be hosting a Google Hangout and playing the rpg Trail of Cthulhu. We have 3-4 player slots to fill, so if you want to enjoy a night of horror, join us the day before Halloween. Last man standing gets a shirt!

Time details to come. Please comment here if you're interested.

Category:general -- posted at: 2:59 AM


In this episode we go over Borderlands 2 and Elder Sign, 2 Co-Op type games - one on the video box and the other on the table top!

We also cover a little Dr. Who, Kickstarter, a little segment called "texts between mando and rejo," and we talk about our old little movie called "Heroes" (man we're old...)

thanks for listening!

thanks to Robert G for letting us use some music!

Direct download: Episode_11_-_Co-Op_Gaming.mp3
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Interview with Oscar D. Garza

Today's podcast we talk with Oscar Garza and talk about his old AND new projects!  Oscar, by the way, is the artist who deigned our GeekSnobs podcast logo.... here are a few of his awesome projects    -  for your information he MADE that Yoshi costume!!! :

We also talk about Dragon Age 3 , my disappointment in the new music releases for the rest of the year and my new favorite commercial Dollar Shave Club...check it out, it's awesome!
Our awesome music and sound effects come from  - THANKS!!
Direct download: Episode_10_-_Oscar.mp3
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TV Premieres!

This week we cover TV series premieres we're looking forward to and those we are not really looking forward to.

Luke goes over the iPhone 5

We also talk about Kickstarter!  Mainly because we have one so check it out please:

But also because we think it's a cool concept, so just look around the site!

Direct download: Episode_9_TV.mp3
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This week we talk about our Expendables 2 movie experience, if  you haven't seen it there are some spoilers (but really it's everything you think it is anyway) so just a head's up.

We also cover me catching up on some Game of Thrones, rejo conveys his disgust for the new Ninja Turtle movie (and Michael Bay) and talk about my apartment possibly being haunted - yay?

Direct download: Ep_8_Expendables.mp3
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If by any chance you feel you'd like to help grow our humble podcast you can do so at .  

If you can't but would still like to help please spread the word....THANKS!

- GeekSnobs

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Geek Card Games

In our GeekSegment we talk anout Neil Armstrong and the idiots that ruined his passing as well as Flight of the Conchords collaborating to help Cure Kids and the awesome song they made for it (found here:  watch the whole thing... IT IS AWESOME!)

Our "rants by rejo" segment where rejo complains about the making of a Metal Gear movie.

We talk about Scarab Lords and how awesome it is and then some audio snippets of me (mando), rejo and Luke playing Munchkin - and me winning!

awesome audio and sound effects provided by:

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This week we cover music we're into RIGHT NOW...

some links to the awesomeness we cover...

Neko Case - Twist the Knife: 

Flight of the Conchords - Bowies in Space:

Cults - Most Wanted:

The Dø - Too Insistent:

Freelance Whales - Locked Out:

David Byrne & St. Vincent:

Plus we give some shoutouts to our listeners!

Awesome effects and music by freeSFX - THANKS!

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This week we talk about CARTOONS!!  (sweet life giving cartoons!)

GeekFeed:  what's up with the Ukraine?


Oscar D. Garza stuff:

Awesome music and sound effects provided by freeSFX  -

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This week we talk about the awesomeness of role playing games with our friends Luke and ram!

Also, Mars Curiosity and Vampire: the Masquerade.

           Intro/Outro Music:  the Young Maths - Fingered

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This Week In Geek: we mourn the loss of Sally Ride and Sherman Helmsley.

News: The high cost of Batman, and a third Hobbit movie?

First Person Shooters: What's so fun about them? 

Special Thanks to: our producer Luke. Thanks for the equipment and time! More thanks to Robert Godinez for the music. Yoink! "Stay Away From My Girlfriend."

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This was the first thing we ever recorded - it is short because we were nervous (i think) but enjoy the ride!

Intro music - The Young Maths - the Science

Outro music - Yoink! - Goodbye

*thank you to Robert Godinez for the go ahead to use the music!

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We talk about the movie-going experience

And some blah blah blah

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